Southern Spirit - Split Didgeridoos NZ

My connection to the didgeridoo became apparant when I first heard its deep earthly tones. For me it is a sound that can only be described as what I imagine the sound from deep within Mother Earth. Having personally experienced at first hand the energy and impact from two huge earthquakes in my hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand. The destruction alone was devestating, however of the 13,000 after shocks many brought with them a primal sound, something indescribable and never forgotten. 

This primal sound is to me the sound of the didgeridoo! 

About two years ago after listening and participating in a workshop conducted by our local didge exponent Sika, I decided to learn and constructed my first didgeridoo from pvc. Later as I progressed, I made one from an old totara ( native nz timber ) 100 year + fence post. The result was only average and in the key of F but sufficient to encourage me to persue making them.

Early in 2015, I bought a beautiful blood wood redgum didgeridoo from master craftsman Tynon of Heartland Didgeridoos in Australia. This beautifully crafted instrument has been the catalyst, inspiring me to make a unique NZ flavoured split didgeridoo. This means each piece is split, hollowed and then rejoined. My aim is to develop a New Zealand flavoured didgeridoo made from native and european wood. Whilst I have an understanding of the sounds associated from most european varieties, I believe over time some new and exciting resonating timber will be discovered eminating from native wood didgeridoos. As with all didgeridoos each, will have its own unique sound. This is due to the density, type of wood plus the shaping and length of each. 

Like my drums, I consider each didgeridoo to be unique, sacred deserving to be fashioned according to its owner/player.

This piece of Red Gum was found on the banks of the Manawatu River. Once split and bored it has been carefully rejoined, sanded and varnished. Once finished it has been cut and tuned to the key of A #.

The above have been made specifically for my personal use and are not for sale!

Created by Rustle Phillips