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40 cm Native Amercican / Shamanic Styele Frame Drum  

Is a distinct and unique New Zealand drum, crafted using resources found only in Aotearoa (New Zealand). The drum head is cured from the Red Deer culled in the Ruahine hills of the Manawatu. The twelve sided wooden hoop is made from dressed white pine. Lacing of the drum head to the frame is made utilising the skin from the Deer. A four sided cross handle is fashioned into a traditional Native American Indian style. A drum beater is finally fashioned from that of a fallen tree branch and padded beater filled with raw sheeps wool and then a stitched cover from a lamb pelt.The drum has a raw natural earthy appearance which is in keeping with nature and the rugged terrain, where the animals, plants and trees have lived in the native bush.

 A drum with the wonderful energy and a vibrant song and resonance.

  • 40cm NZ Deer Skin Drum plus beater - $400.00 NZ plus courier freight.
Please note each drum is custom made, expected delivery between 3 and 4 weeks.

Deer Hide - 40 cm drum

From deer hide (as seen in the photo) to fleshing (removing fat and tissue from the skin), dehairing and tanning. The hoop frame is made from white pine. Drum head and lacing in an ancient traditional style. Drum beater fashioned from a fallen branch, cover of lamb skin. Beater head of possum and lambs wool. 

A beautiful drum with a delightful sound.

Antler handle subject to availability.

Native American Indian Style / Celtic / Shaman Drums

Ceremonial  Ritual / Healing / Medicine Drums - 40 cm diameter - with beater

A  beautiful deep sounding drum which can lead and also has the more mellow tones to blend into drum circles in ritual work or for healing. 

Drum Beaters Hand crafted from a variety of handles foraged from fallen branches of tree's. Plain handles laced with cotton thread.Head padded with sheep wool and with a lamb skin bonnet.Customised length to suit.

Southern-Spirit Healing Drums covered in red or fallow deer hide,  price is as follows:-

  • 40 cm Deer Hide diameter drum and beater - $400.00 NZ (white pine hoop, red deer skin) 

Please note the above prices do not include freight.

Grandmother drum - 67cm

The Grandmother drum, complete with stand and drum two beaters. Size is 67cm x 20cm the two drum heads (top and bottom) are either of Red or Fallow Deer (depending on availability) This is a beautiful energy filled "pow wow" ( he dreams ) ceremonial drum. It drum has a fantastic resconance and can be comfortably played by upto four drummers. A superb drum that is ideal for drum circles, healing purposes and for large performing groups.

If you would like to order a Grandmother drum plus stand and two beaters the cost (not including shipping) is :- $900.00 NZ

Double headed Grandmother drum - 67cm
Reverse. Please note laced in the traditional Native American style.
Traditional N.A style lacing of handle.

 Please note antler handled drums are subject to availability. Alternatively drums are laced in a traditional Native American style as shown in the above images.

42cm Red deer skin drum -1 June 2017
42cm Red deer skin drum -1 June 2017 - Traditional lacing
Red deer skin walnut dyed -May 2017
Created by Rustle Phillips