Hand Crafted Frame Drums. New Zealand.

Fallow deer skin 40cm

Presenting drums available from Southern Spirit Drums: the finest hand crafted frame drums made in New Zealand. Each drum is hand crafted into a Native American Shamanic and Celtic style ceremonial or healing frame drum,made in a traditional style. Drums are crafted specifically for each individual.The materials used are sourced locally.Throughout the crafting of your drum I acknowledge and honour the gifts that have been provided to me from nature and to the indigenous peoples, who throughout history have used the drum. My belief is that the drum is sacred healing instrument, resonating between our heart and directly connectingto the sacred frequency of Mother Earth.The drum is a wonderful healing tool and the knowledge I have is a gift I treasure. The name "Southern Spirit" came to fruition, following the devastating earthquakes of my "home town" the city of Christchurch,New Zealand. Years later this beautiful city continues its rise from the ashes, as the people of Christchurch find the courage, resilience and spirit and move on to rebuild their lives.Truely a "Southern Spirit" ~ Rustle Phillips

  • "May the spirit of the animal who gave their lives, be reborn again through your drum"
Ocean Drum 32cm

Having been recently introduced to the Ocean Drum, I set about making one. The ocean drum, is a two headed drum, with skins top and bottom of the wooden drum frame. Within the two drum heads I settled for buckwheat. By slowly tilting the drum backwards and forwards, the moving buckwheat crosses the surface and imitates the soothing sound of the ocean as it laps the shore.

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4 September 2017

Red Deer Skin Drum
Red Deer Drum walnut stained cross lacing.
Red Deer Drum - Walnut husk dyed. April 2017
Grandmother and frame drums ( 2 x walnut husk dyed )
Deer skin soaked in walnut husks and water - May 2017 ( new project )
42 cm Red deer skin drum - 1 June 2017
Grandmother drum

A double headed Grandmother drum 65 cm x 25 cm white pine frame. In this instance one drum head with hair on Spanish Fallow Deer the skin below being that of the Red Deer hair removed.This drum is currently drying and once dry will be mounted on a free standing frame. Once it is finished three to four people will be able to play it. The drum will primarily be used for ceremonial work and community healing.

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Grandmother double head deer drum
October 2016
Grandmother double headed drum and stand
The Ingredients!
Gypsy Moon in Lavender.
Gypsy Moon in lavender
Octagonal Deer Drum
Octagonal Deer Drum April 2017
Red Deer Drum (dyed in natural walnut husks)
Created by Rustle Phillips