Rustle Phillips made my drum for me and it is both an object of beauty and of healing. Rustle's craftsmanship is exquisite. The drum has a beautiful tone. I love it. Thank you Rustle - November 2017

 Rustle does not just make a drum - he creates a voice for the spirit of the animal to live on and speak through it's many different tones.  That is the uniqueness of his drums, a voice that comes from within.   ❤   we absolutely love our drum and will continue to highly recommend him and his craft. - August 2017

 I am blown away. 

This drum you've made is exquisite. It sounds incredible.Adds a totally new dimension to my meditations.Best thing is getting into the theta brainwaves so easily. Especially right before bedtime. 
It's something of a dream machine.

Cheers once again.
June 2017

Rustle Phillips does so much more than craft drums - he provides a conduit to spirit through his humility and craftsmanship.  I first discovered Southern Spirit Drums via an International website and was absolutely thrilled to find a craftsman in Aotearoa (New Zealand).  I have long awaited the time that I would find someone who could fashion a drum for me while respecting and honouring the spirit of the resources used to fashion the drum (wood and goat skin).  Being a weaver using traditional Māori resources and techniques (kai mahi raranga), my own connection to my art form has taught me that in honouring our connection to all of nature, the spirits and the Atua (gods/goddesses) we can infuse our products and lives with many more layers of meaning and blessing.  Now I have a drum that enables me to connect with the great Oneness while bypassing the endless 'monkey mind' that over-thinks and unnecessarily binds itself to encultured musicality.  Through playing my drum I have experienced moments of sacred ecstacy and joy.  My partner is a drummer of over 35 years and he found himself deeply moved by the resonance of my drum - on a level that transcended the mere pleasure he finds in beat and rhythm. Without reservation I recommend Southern Spirit Drums to anyone seeking a journey into the shamanic drumming realm - or indeed anyone who wants a valuable and worthy addition to their healing "tool kit".  If your spirit is open to experience and your heart desires connection with the great oneness you will not be disappointed.

Brenda Capper-Starr
Ohope Beach, Aotearoa.

10 March 2014

I was thrilled with the drum from Rustle of Southern-Spirit-Drums and I like the sound. I am also pleased by the communication and service. Very friendly with lots of information about the progress of my new drum.

Gaby - Whangarei, New Zealand

February 2014

It is so beautiful, thank you!! Can't believe it arrived right on my birthday, the most perfect gift. 

Much love Stephanie

December 2014

Rustle created a magnificant drum for me and stayed in touch with me throughout the process. I respect his knowledge of his craft and also his integrity with working with this ancient skill

Sheila Sutherland

Auckland, New Zealand


She arrived today, safe and sound.

Very happy with the sound and the beautiful shape.
Thank you again for creating this lovely drum for me. 

I am running a big training workshop tomorrow so am looking forward to having a play.

Jaqui, Drum Therapist, Auckland 

March 2014

Hi Rustle

I finally got the drum home last night. Bloody fantastic Man you do very cool work my friend. All in tune and as you can see fits in well with the other instruments. Thank you so very much i am going to have to keep it up high as the houndsare very interested in it.
Cheers Muz


"Magick in its beauty" 

Victoria ~ Melbourne, Australia 

Created by Rustle Phillips